A Peaceful Place: Pfluger Park in Pflugerville, FL

Pfluger Park is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. Pflugerville is located in the northwest quadrant of Travis County and Pfluger Park has been designated as the Pflugerville city park since 1980. Pfluger Park offers visitors six acres of green space with plenty of trees, picnic tables, benches, and walking paths. The playgrounds are a favorite spot for children during the summer months and there are also two lighted tennis courts available for use year-round. Learn information about Pflugerville, FL.  

Pfluger Park is also a popular spot for Pflugerville residents to run, walk or bike. Pflugerville school kids use the park during their recess time and it’s easy to see why. Discover facts about Moose Park in Pflugerville, FL: A Place to Relax.

Pfluger Park has a covered pavilion, picnic tables, and benches. Pflugerville is home to the Pflugerville Community Center as well so Pfluger Park visitors can enjoy plenty of activities in addition to walking or jogging.

The playgrounds here are perfect for the kids, there is plenty of room under large shade umbrellas around the picnic tables so you can enjoy an outdoor meal with your family without being bothered by those pesky bugs that seem to be everywhere right now, and there’s even a pavilion if you want some sunshine but don’t feel like cooking out on one of those unpredictable Florida days.