Moose Park in Pflugerville, FL: A Place to Relax

Moose Park in Pflugerville, FL is a great place to hang out and relax. Moose Park provides plenty of space for kids to play, adults to read and socialize, and dogs to run free. The park features three playgrounds with slides, swing sets, climbing wall structures, monkey bars- Moose Park has it all! Moose Park also offers an onsite bathhouse for changing clothes or using the facilities. There are lots of picnic tables scattered throughout the park as well as benches that provide a view of the pond. Learn more here.

Moose Park in Pflugerville, FL is a place to take your family for an afternoon of relaxation. Moose Park offers many activities that the whole family can participate in together: picnic areas with barbecue grills and open spaces are perfect for group events like reunions or birthday parties. The playground features equipment designed to accommodate children of all ages and abilities from toddlers to teens! There’s also plenty of green space so you can run around outdoors even when it isn’t warm out yet. Moose Park has volleyball courts, basketball hoops, horseshoe pits as well as other recreational facilities available at no additional cost! If you’re looking for more than just pick-up games on the court Moose park also hosts summer camps throughout the weekdays. Learn more about North East Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville, FL: Explore the Trails.