Visiting the Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, FL

The Heritage House Museum is located in Pflugerville, FL. It’s a beautiful museum with exhibits that tell the story of Florida history from 1836-1917. The Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, Florida features many items found on-site, including original furnishings and personal artifacts that belonged to Dr. Samuel Burk Burnett, who built Heritage House in 1896 as his private residence. There are also over 100 acres of gardens and grounds for visitors to explore. Visit this link for more information.

The Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, Florida is a fabulous resource for those interested in the history in Pflugerville, Florida. It offers an up-close and personal view into life as it was lived by so many generations ago when German settlers began to arrive here around 1850. The Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, Florida presents living history demonstrations that make you feel like you are stepping back in time to experience what life might have been like during this era. You’ll find actual artifacts from the period, clothing worn at this time, handmade quilts on display – all with the goal of educating people about how Texans lived prior to modern conveniences such as electricity and running water! This includes farm implements used by early farmers who cleared land using only hand tools. Read about Exciting Movie Experience: Cinemark 20 and XD in Pflugerville, FL here.