North East Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville, FL: Explore the Trails

Located in Pflugerville, FL, North East Metropolitan Park offers over 100 acres of trails for people to explore. These trails take you through the woods, where you can see wildlife and various trees. The North East Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville, FL has a variety of beautiful plants that are perfect for landscaping your yard or garden. You can also find many different types of birds there if you’re looking for bird-watching. More can be found here.

North East Metropolitan Park is located in North Pflugerville, FL, and offers a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, biking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. North East Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville, FL has over 64 acres to explore with nature including both mixed pine trees and hardwood trees. A few popular destinations are the Northside Trail which spans two miles long for walking or running; another trail that includes bridges called the Piney Woods Loop; an open field ideal for pick-up games like soccer or football named Fisher’s Meadow; a creek area on Boomerang Trail where you can observe turtles sunning themselves on logs. Learn more about Spare Time in Pflugerville, Florida: Playtime for All Ages.

There are also plenty of other interesting features at North East Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville, FL such as Florida Rock Walls and North East Metropolitan Park has a bird-watching blind.