Exciting Movie Experience: Cinemark 20 and XD in Pflugerville, FL

Cinemark Cinemas 20 and XD in Pflugerville, FL is the newest Cinemark location. With its beautiful Cinemark Luxe design and state-of-the-art Cinemark XD screen, you will have an experience like never before. There are standard movie theaters with seats that are close to the wall for a more traditional feel or reclining leather chairs with cup holders for a comfortable viewing experience. Cinemark Cinemas 20 and XD Pflugerville, FL also has an Xtreme screen with high-impact surround sound. Pflugerville, FL can be seen here.

When Cinemark 20 and XD in Pflugerville, FL opened up to the public on January 27th of this year, it marked a milestone for movie-goers. Cinemark is one of America’s leading theater chains that offers people across the country an experience they can only get at their locations. Cinemark has been providing quality entertainment since 1990 when Cinemark USA was first founded in Florida by Lee Roy Smith Jr., who believed everyone should have access to affordable movie tickets regardless of where they lived. Today, Cinemark operates more than 425 theaters with over 200 million guests annually nationwide. Click here to read about Summer Fun at Gilleland Creek Pool And Park in Pflugerville, FL: Lazy River, Tubing and Swimming.

Cinemark is the world’s third-largest motion picture exhibitor and Cinemark XD in Pflugerville, FL has been Cinemark’s newest revolutionary addition that allows for an immersive movie experience!